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The Ugly Truth:

You Suffer From Agent Apathy

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  • Survey Demographics
  • Who are these “Agents”?
  • They Carry More Weight Than Before
  • "Unhappy Agents" Is Hardly A Business Case
  • Does Customer Satisfaction Really Matter?

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All too often, business leaders defend their case for improving systems, processes, and metrics with the fervor of a cornered animal but without being nearly as justified. When it comes to the agent experience, however, there is substantial room for improvement yet little interest from business leaders to do so.

Case in point: Most contact center agents today are underequipped to do their job and you know it. 92% of respondents in ICMI’s recent research survey believe that their agent facing applications could be more effective, while 74% acknowledged that they prevent the agents from providing the best experience possible. If you don’t do something about it, you just become part of the problem.

What is it about the contact center and its agents in particular that drives business leaders away from investing in resources there? Is it a sustainable and fiscally responsible decision to continue with that type of mentality, or could the secret to achieving customer experience stardom be unlocked by better equipping the contact center agent?

ICMI’s recent findings indicate that contact center agents have the greatest potential to affect the customer experience. Making improvements at the agent level could yield significant gains for the greater organization in both customer satisfaction and employee morale and retention. As a result of improving the agents experience, the potential for a positive impact to both the direct and indirect costs associated with those key executive focus points is undeniable.