Better Outcomes

Triple your productivity and create a dynamic workflow with the Five9 Blended Contact Center, the comprehensive suite that integrates inbound and outbound operations onto a single, common platform.

Blended Contact Center

Inbound Meets Outbound for Active Blending

The Five9 Blended Contact Center gives you a unique mix of inbound and outbound capabilities that work together seamlessly to create Active Blending. Respond proactively to your customers and create a truly differentiated customer experience, while maximizing your agents’ productive time.

Active Blending capabilities adjust to your contact center traffic—always prioritizing inbound customer service calls.  

Dynamic predictive dialer technology automatically moves outbound agents to inbound queues, and when there are no inbound calls in queue, it shifts to outbound call processing. You’ll see huge gains in productivity, improved key performance indicators (KPIs), and increased customer satisfaction.

Stand Out from the Competition

Active Blending allows you to easily configure business rules to add and schedule to the outbound queue automatic follow-ups on any interaction. Maximize agent time when there are no calls in queue to:

  • Proactively follow up on abandoned calls
  • Find out how customers like their recent product purchase 
  • Flag negative customer surveys for personalized attention
  • Let customers know when an order has shipped or an issue is resolved

All the components work together on the Five9 platform as a single system, eliminating the technology gap between inbound automatic call distributor (ACD) functionality and outbound dialers.

Purpose-Built for Agent Productivity

The average amount of idle time per agent per day is close to an hour. That’s a lot of time agents aren’t interacting with customers, and it costs businesses plenty.

Five9 Active Blending capabilities makes productivity native to the workflow of your contact center, enabling you to replace idle time with customer talk time, close the profitability gap, and open up potential revenue opportunities.

Your agents have a unified desktop to manage inbound and outbound programs simultaneously, on a call-by-call basis, delivered with the right agent scripting.

Organizations know that the contact center is where customers form their strongest view of a business. But one-way customer service won't cut it anymore. Five9 Blended Contact Center with Active Blending helps you deliver customer service that wins.

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