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Contact Center Features

Our Contact Center Features Everything Your Operations Need

Our virtual contact center products include all of the features you need to run your contact center operations effectively. The Five9 product line's breadth of inbound, outbound and multichannel contact center software features is unique among cloud contact center software vendors. Five9 pioneered the virtual contact center industry, and today is the leading cloud contact center software vendor, offering the most features, the most advanced technology and delivering increased business flexibility and improved agent productivity through constant innovation.


Agent Call Scripting

Enable agents to deliver a consistent message to contacts, with a web-based contact center agent script tailored to the purpose of each call.

Agent Call Scripting


Toll-Free Numbers

Provision new toll-free, international toll-free and DID numbers, or migrate existing numbers for your inbound contact center.

Toll-Free Numbers



Add Five9 cloud contact center software to your existing PBX infrastructure for advanced CTI, IVR, ACD, Predictive Dialing, and more.



Do Not Call Regulation Compliance 

Comply with applicable calling regulations by handling do-not-call (DNC) requests across your outbound and inbound operations.

Do Not Call


Voicemail for Call Centers

Offer your callers an opportunity to leave voicemails for individual agents or the next best available agent.



Call Recording

Assess the quality of agent performance and the customer experience, and use recordings as supporting documentation for transactions.

Call Recording


Call Quality Monitoring

Ensure a positive customer experience by silently monitoring agent conversations with contacts, whisper coaching and barging in when needed.

Quality Monitoring


Text-to-Speech Software

Provide dynamic information to your contacts by automatically converting text data into spoken words.



Speech Recognition Software

Deliver advanced IVR self-service applications to your callers by enabling them to provide speech input in addition to DTMF.

Speech Recognition


Call Center Data Importing

Easily import outbound calling lists and contacts with a user-friendly wizard or automatically via FTP.

Data Import


Work-At-Home Agents

Support virtual contact center operations with a distributed workforce, flexible resource allocation, and new hiring models.

At-Home Agents


Web Callback Service

Integrate websites with Five9 so that visitors can request immediate or scheduled callbacks from your contact center.

Web Callback


Online Contact Database Software

Maintain contact information and interaction history so that it's available for IVR applications and at agents' fingertips while handling customer interactions.

Contact History


VOIP Customer Service

Leverage the low cost and high scalability of the internet for your phone calls, with crystal-clear voice quality.



Call Center Statistics

Use personalized dashboards, views and alerts to monitor real-time statistics on ACD Queues, Agents, Campaigns, and more.

Call Center Statistics


Call Conferencing Software

Build sophisticated IVR applications that allow callers to create conference calls, by calling additional phone numbers to add participants.

Call Conferencing