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Call Center Quality Monitoring

Call Center Quality Monitoring Ensures a Positive Customer Experience

With agent training costs representing a persistent challenge in most professional call centers, many have quality monitoring in call centers to help ensure a consistent and positive customer experience.

Five9 quality call center monitoring enables supervisors to monitor agent activity and instant messaging, and authorized users can listen to call recordings via the Five9 Reporting application. Our call center monitoring software allows supervisors to silently monitor live calls for a selected agent or randomly monitor calls for campaigns that the supervisor manages.

Additionally, supervisors can escalate from silent call center monitoring to “whisper coaching,” which is advice to agents that the other parties on the call cannot hear. Another option allows supervisors the option of “barging in” on the agent in order to speak with all parties. The call center quality monitoring status of each agent is color-coded and visible to other supervisors so that everyone can see which agents are currently being monitored.

Complement Agent Training

By utilizing Five9’s built-in call center monitoring software features as a complement to your other agent training programs, you can ensure that today’s best practices become tomorrow’s standard practice. We provide a variety of online training materials for agents and management. Each training module contains ample information about the important features of our call center monitoring software as well as descriptions of our best customer service practices. We offer both live and instructor-led training through Web conferences and on-site instruction by our Professional Services team. We teach using a variety of practical examples so that upon completion of the training program, your team is ready to go.

We also offer a certification program for Five9 administrators interested in becoming experts in operating our Virtual Contact Center. After studying our training materials, administrators can become a Five9 Certified user for one of our outbound, inbound, or blended quality monitoring call center operations.

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