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Intuitive IVR

Deliver what customers want—self-service and quick resolution—leveraging the Five9 speech-enabled IVR software. Easily build and manage automated voice applications that customers actually appreciate and use.

IVR with Advanced Speech Recognition

Customers Like IVR When It's Done Right

Customers rank prompt service delivery as the #1 factor in customer satisfaction and they prefer automated self-service by 55%. But when it comes to customers’ positive experiences with self-service, only 7% of organizations make the grade.

Configure a customer self-service experience that raises your customer satisfaction score with the user-friendly graphical tools and rich features of the Five9 speech-enabled IVR.

IVR call flow image with speech recognition.  Configure your IVR system easily using Five9 software.

The Five9 Interactive Voice Response delivers advanced functionality along with easy-to-use design tools to create successful self-service implementations, so your organization can realize the full potential of automated voice applications that actually drive up customer satisfaction.

Streamline Customer Service

Contact centers want to reduce cost per transaction and automate routine calls. Customers want prompt service. Five9 software accomplishes both, and we can help you develop more streamlined customer service automation that benefits your business and customers.

Customized, Data-Driven Solutions

Customers don’t want a menu-driven experience. They want a convenient self-service experience that’s accomplished in seconds, or immediate live-agent support without repeating information multiple times.

Sophisticated features give you call-by-call customization capability tailored to what each customer needs. IVR Data Query makes instantaneous data connections to internal CRM systems or external web services to identify your customer and provide quick self-service solutions.

For customers needing live-agent assistance, Call Variables attach data query results along with the call for actionable routing through our fully integrated Automatic Call Distribution (ACD). You can create your own variables or use Five9 predefined variables that provide call-by-call business solutions for case management, customer segmentation special treatment, and more—all while your customer gets knowledgeable support and quick results.


Visual Script Designer with intuitive, drag-and-drop visual tools enables you to easily create automated call processing scripts from start to finish.

Recorded Prompts from our professional library of audio recordings allows you to play messages or instructional voice prompts.

Text-to-Speech Builder with a variety of voice characters provides customers with dynamic information such as account balance.

Speech Recognition powered by Nuance analyzes spoken caller input to create a more natural customer experience.

Call Variable Reporting enables you to view the IVR path for every call and gain insight into where your callers disconnect.

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Deliver what customers want: Self-service and quick resolution, leveraging the Five9 speech-enabled IVR to easily build and manage automated voice applications that customers will love to use.