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Cloud Call Centre APIs

With Five9 Cloud APIs, gone are the days of complex contact centre integration projects that drag on and on.

An Open Platform for Cloud Integration
Five9 pioneered the cloud contact centre industry and introduced innovative Cloud Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to enable advanced software integrations with other applications and services. Our customers currently have hundreds of cloud-based integrations with a wide variety of on-premise and cloud enterprise systems.
We Plug Into Your World
Five9 was first to introduce a comprehensive set of Cloud APIs that use web services to enable advanced software integrations, which is a critical part of making your contact centre successful. Whether it’s connecting to marketing, billing, ERP, or even proprietary systems, Five9 can integrate into your current processes.
Integrations Made Easy
Five9 Cloud APIs allow you to connect your contact centre with other systems in your business, often without any coding. We make implementation easy, configuration a breeze, and data access instantaneous. We provide web connectors that require no development or deployment time, yet make powerful connections to customer data from the agent desktop.
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A Comprehensive Suite of APIs
Five9 Cloud APIs are offered for all of our role-based user applications, opening up the power of the Five9 platform for extension and integration to your systems. Our Cloud APIs offer integrated business applications for agents, administrators, supervisors, and reporting users, so you can leverage the same features and data provided within the Five9 Virtual Contact Centre.
Five9 CTI Web Services API
Five9 CTI Web Services API
Provides integrated agent desktop access to all the computer telephony integration (CTI) and telephony features included in the VCC Agent application
Five9 Reporting Web Services API
Five9 Reporting Web Services API
Enables retrieval of call log and agent audit reporting data so that it can be archived, used in existing data warehouses, imported into business applications, and more
Configuration Web Services API
Configuration Web Services API
is designed for custom configuration applications that extend the VCC Administrator application, such as automating user creation.
Statistics Web Services API
Statistics Web Services API
supports applications that can securely access the data in the Supervisor Application to enable real-time wallboards, agent statistics toolbars, and real-time notifications.

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