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Live Chat for Service & Sales

Drive Sales and Reduce Support Costs

Engage Your Customers In Live Chat
Draw customers into live conversations from social media, your website, and email interactions. The Five9 multichannel applications work together seamlessly, allowing you to move discussions into the preferred channel.
Chat Via Your Website or Mobile App
Agents can chat live with customers through multiple touch points including mobile applications, your website, and mobile websites. Sessions can be started by your customers or proactively initiated by the system based on your business rules and triggers. Agents can even invite customers to a private, live chat from another channel such as Twitter, Facebook, or email—all from one unified desktop.
Build Customer Loyalty and Save Time
Leverage our powerful Five9 Connect technology with Natural Language Processing (NLP). Automatically filter, classify, and tag chat requests into related business topics like “sales,” “support,” or “marketing” so they can be easily directed to the most appropriate agent. Build customer loyalty by detecting customer sentiment to help you respond quickly to critical issues with the right agent and the correct information.
Increase Conversions and Sales Totals
Live chat gives your agents a powerful way to engage customers in the purchasing process, or when they need customer service. Our intuitive, unified interface enables agents to respond to inquiries through chat, social, or email in one queue. Pre-scripted answers to commonly asked questions and next best actions improve conversion rates, speed responses, and increase sales.
Powerful Data at Your Fingertips
Five9 Chat uses the same role-based analytics and reporting as our other multichannel applications, enabling you to manage agent and workgroup performance based on traditional contact centre metrics. View real-time dashboards and supervisor consoles for agent monitoring and coaching, and record chats to capture and store correspondence for compliance and training purposes.
Prioritize High-Value Customers
Retrieve customer information stored in your company’s CRM system to determine who’s requesting a chat and whether they are a high-value, at-risk, or influential customer. Prioritize and tailor responses based on the person initiating the chat.

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