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Email for Customer Care & Sales

Bring Order to Your Customer Email Chaos

Elevate Your Email Response
According to Forrester Research, half of all consumers use email for customer service but 15% are never answered. Like our other applications, Five9 Email uses Five9 Connect to remove spam and intelligently route emails to the most skilled agents, helping you dramatically improve email response rates and overall customer satisfaction.
Filter Out Spam
Five9 Email—a powerful and easy-to-use addition to the Five9 platform—uses Five9 Connect, which includes an advanced Natural Language Process (NLP) engine to identify and remove spam and other non-actionable emails to ensure you maximize agent productivity. Agents can focus their attention on real problems and help more customers.
Auto-Route Email to the Best Agents

Five9 Connect with NLP mines email subject and body text to identify business issues and organize emails into related categories. Business rules can then route emails to the appropriate agent, improving both agent efficiency and customer response rates. Five9 Email can even determine an author’s sentiment, influence, and value to help prioritize agent response.

Equip Your Agents

With Five9, agents can respond to email inquiries using the same unified interface that is used for other customer interaction channels. Agents can move seamlessly between taking phone calls, responding to social posts, engaging in chats, and responding to customer emails. The Five9 Virtual Contact Centre Agent Desktop provides access to all interactions, agent key performance indicator (KPI) data, group performance, item details, and interaction history. Through the Agent Desktop powered by Five9 Connect, scripts can be automatically triggered to guide responses, and “next best actions” can provide explicit instructions for how to process or escalate responses. Agents also have access to a comprehensive historical view of all interactions with a particular customer across social, chat, and email channels.

Respond to Email Across Touch Points
With Five9 Email, you can capture and respond to emails from multiple touch points. Receive emails from traditional email clients or from web and mobile web pages using our email web form. Five9 will retrieve email data from your site for processing along with other customer requests.
Monitor & Manage Agent Performance
Five9 Email uses the same comprehensive suite of real-time dashboards and detailed historical reporting as our other text-based channels, enabling you to monitor real-time agent performance and track contact centre adherence to critical KPIs and service-level agreements (SLAs).

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