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Social Customer Care & Sales

Improve Customer Satisfaction and Generate New Leads

Add Social Channels to Your Operations
Five9 Social delivers advanced social media engagement capabilities for customer service and sales organizations. Get peak efficiency and the tools you need to manage social engagement based on your most critical key performance indicators (KPIs).
Social Customer Care
Designed for Contact Centres
Five9 Social empowers customer care agents to respond to problems and issues posted to social channels like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs, articles, and online communities. Designed for the specialized needs of contact centres, Five9 Social enables your team to respond to the social posts that matter most, while allowing you to manage social care based on your traditional contact centre KPIs and service-level agreements (SLAs).
Eliminate Non-Actionable Posts
Five9 Social is powered by Five9 Connect which includes a powerful Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine to filter out spam and non-actionable items, so agents can spend their time responding to the most important customer issues.
Prioritize Posts Based on Sentiment
Five9 Social automatically scans social posts to determine if the author is happy, neutral, or unhappy, making it easy for agents to prioritize responses based on customer sentiment.
Organize Posts Into Business Issues
Social posts can be clustered into core business issues like billing, customer support, and sales. This allows agents to know in advance what the post is about, which translates to faster customer response times and higher first contact resolution rates.
Empower Your Agents to Solve Problems
Five9 Social provides agent tools designed to increase efficiency. Agents can sort queues by last-in-first-out/first-in-first-out, date range, sentiment, business issue, disposition, or relevance. They can search for posts from a particular author and view a customer's complete post history on a one-of-a-kind panoramic timeline. You can also provide agents with pre-approved responses to commonly asked questions and use business rules to trigger “next best actions” to guide agent response.
Gain Insight With Reporting & Analytics
Five9 Social offers advanced reporting for social customer care with over 20 out-of-the-box reports with popular metrics for adhering to SLAs. Role-based access to real-time analytics through customizable displays enables you to view workload summaries and other valuable information. You can also observe and coach agents with a real-time supervisor display, and agents can view their own real-time display of KPIs including individual scores, top performer scores, and group averages.
Social Lead Generation
Use Social Networks to Drive Demand
With Five9 Social, you can use social networks to supercharge your lead generation efforts. Instead of paying for cold lead lists to fuel your outbound campaigns, reach your prospects at the exact moment they are researching new solutions or when they are unhappy with your competitors. Using social media effectively can provide a new way to build more sales and create more loyal customers. Reach out to your prospects at the exact moment when they are most likely to respond to your offer.
Find Your Competition’s Unhappy Clients
Customers often use social networks to vent their frustration about a product or service that they’ve purchased. With Five9 Social, you can discover “at risk” customers that may be dissatisfied with a competitor and likely to switch to a new solution.
Discover & Resolve Customer Problems
Five9 Social also gives you the ability to discover and engage with your customers who may be at risk. By finding customer complaints and problems early, you can quickly route issues to an agent who can solve problems and reduce the risk of losing the customer, or before the customer voices dissatisfaction to others.
Research Competitors for Weaknesses
Five9 Social is also a powerful research tool. It enables you to understand how your competitors are being discussed. For example, you could track a specific group of competitors and understand if there are problems associated with performance, price, or quality. You can also create reports showing side-by-side results that compare public sentiment, helping you understand if consumers are talking about competing brands in a positive, neutral, or negative light.

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