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Personalize the Customer Experience

Know Your Customers and Prospects
Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) technology from Five9 provides agents with customer and prospect data, purchasing history, and information from previous interactions—all delivered simultaneously to your desktop or your integrated CRM as a screen pop with each interaction.
Improve First Contact Resolution
Stop making your customers repeat information over and over. Deploying a CTI solution with skills-based routing is one of the best ways to improve First Contact Resolution (FCR), one of the best predictors of customer satisfaction and loyalty. In the past, it was costly and complex to implement as a premise-based CTI solution. Five9 eliminates the complexity of premise-based implementations and improves FCR results.
Create Powerful Experiences
When Five9 screen pop software queries your customer database, locates a match, and instantaneously populates that data on the agent’s screen with the inbound call, the customer’s needs are addressed quickly. This creates a powerful experience that makes customers more receptive to personalized offers, increasing the potential to turn the customer service call into a revenue-generating call, while improving FCR rates.
Not Just for Inbound
Five9 CTI isn’t just for inbound customer service. Improve sales conversion rates by providing outbound agents the most current customer information delivered with each sales call. Agents that handle both inbound and outbound calls get a screen pop of customer information on a call-by-call basis, whether it’s an inbound or an outbound call. Five9 provides a unified agent interface for each interaction, eliminating the need to toggle between applications.

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Data Sheet: Inbound

Make a difference from the start—an agent has all they need to address the customer by name and has the caller’s details collected on one screen. This level of knowledgeable support saves customers’ time and your contact centre costs by lowering average handle time and improving FCR rates.

What is CTI

CTI Explained

Computer Telephony Integration is used to increase the productivity of contact centre agents, and is sometimes referred to as “screen pop”. Typically, a screen pop is used when there are high volumes of calls that require contact centre agents to access and manage caller profiles and customer data. Frequently, screen pops include data from one or more customer relationship management and related systems, such as order entry, fulfillment, billing, reservations, ticketing, etc.

Traditionally, computers and phones were integrated using sophisticated and expensive software that was designed to integrate with PBX hardware and use telephony events to synchronize screen pops on agent desktop applications when the PBX delivered phone calls. With the increasing adoption of cloud software for contact centres, screen pop is inherently included in the solution, since both the application and the telephone are provided as software.


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