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Interactive Voice Response

Self-Service Made Easy

Five9 IVR
Customers often bypass voice response systems, because they are too confusing. Many companies struggle to improve their outdated and complex interactive voice response (IVR) prompts, because they require advanced technical expertise. With Five9 IVR, you can deliver what your customers really want: Intuitive self-service options for quick resolution.

IVR with Advanced Speech Recognition

Cut Costs, Free Up Agents
Five9 IVR enables contact centres to reduce costs by automating routine calls—such as account balance requests or order status inquiries—and free up agents for higher value or more complex interactions. Maintain a convenient self-service experience for your customers and develop a more streamlined customer service automation experience that benefits your business.
Easy to Design
Raise your customer satisfaction scores with the user-friendly graphical tools and rich features of the Five9 speech-enabled IVR. Easily maintain your overall self-service flow with the Five9 IVR Designer. Add new prompts, callback options, or data queries in seconds, so your self-service flows smoothly and is tailored to the needs of each customer.
A Streamlined Experience
Five9 ensures that each caller’s experience—whether self-service or agent-assisted—is uniquely tailored to both the customer’s goals and the business goals of the contact centre. Five9 provides sophisticated features to quickly identify customers and personalize the self-service interaction. Data is collected in the Five9 IVR and routed through the Five9 ACD, ensuring your customers always get knowledgeable support and quick results.

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Data Sheet: Inbound

Deliver what customers want: Self-service and quick resolution, leveraging the Five9 speech-enabled IVR to easily build and manage automated voice applications that customers will love to use.

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