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Power Dialer

Drive Results at Your Pace

Make More Connections with Power Dialer

The Five9 Power Dialer enables smaller organizations to gain the productivity benefits of automation while manually controlling the dialing pace. Leverage the Five9 Power Dialer to automatically dial a user-configured number of calls per available sales agent, resulting in more contacts per hour.
Powerful Live Connections
The Five9 Power Dialer automates outbound dialing and maximizes the amount of time your agents spend talking to real prospects and customers, instead of dialing numbers. Especially useful when you have a small number of sales executives and a large number of prospects, the Five9 Power Dialer is the right choice for your business for making more powerful live connections.
How It Works
A power dialer is an automated telephone dialing system that connects agents to prospects more efficiently by allowing agents to focus on live connections. When an agent becomes available, the system automatically dials the next contact(s) based on your desired calls-to-agent ratio. And since it’s all in the cloud, you have unprecedented access to powerful capabilities for campaign and list management, call monitoring, and advanced real-time reporting.
Multiple Dialing Modes
Sales environments are unique to every company, so Five9 offers a variety of dialing modes and options that enable you to find the right match for your needs. You can throttle dialing rates up or down by choosing between Predictive, Power, Progressive, or Preview Dialing modes. In addition, Five9 offers time zone rules along with vertical and list penetration dialing features, so you can customize dialing behavior to your compliance and business needs.

Senior Health Solutions

Insurance Broker

With Five9, we can do with 10 people what others do with 25. It does everything we ever wanted to do, and it's very simple to use.

Brian Ernst

CEO, Senior Health Solutions

Find out how the Five9 Power Dialer helped insurance broker Senior Health Solutions rise to the top of its regional market in just three years.