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Preview Dialer

Empowered Agents, Happier Customers

Give Your Agents the Information They Need
Automatically dialing only when your agents are ready to place a call ensures they are completely prepared before engaging with your customer. With the Preview dialing option, Five9 provides agents with all the information they need before connecting with the customer, improving business results.
Informed & Engaged Agents
Preview dialing is ideal for contact centres that deal with complex sales. Before dialing, the Five9 Preview Dialer delivers essential information to agents so they can better prepare for their next call, maximizing the chances of a positive business outcome. This functionality empowers your agents while leveraging automation, ensuring powerful customer connections.
How It Works
A preview dialer allows each contact record to be automatically delivered to agents based on your outbound campaign settings, such as list priority and ratios. This feature enables agents to review contact details prior to placing a call, ensuring they are fully prepared before engaging the customer. The system automatically dials based on your campaign settings, and agents can optionally skip records that should not be dialed.
Multiple Dialing Modes
Sales environments are unique to every company, so Five9 offers a variety of dialing modes and options that enable you to find the right match for your needs. You can throttle dialing rates up or down by choosing between Predictive, Power, Progressive, or Preview Dialing modes. In addition, Five9 offers time zone rules along with vertical and list penetration dialing features, so you can customize dialing behavior to your compliance and business needs.

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