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10 Contact Center Insights - Deloitte 2015

Earlier this year Deloitte published the findings of their 2015 global contact center survey. Included in their results were 10 key contact center insights worth noting. Among the top 10 insights were findings showing that inquiry volumes are expected to increase on all contact channels -- especially for voice, chat, and email (for complex inquiries). This projection supports similar findings from an ICMI report Five9 sponsored earlier this year, which found that 75% of organizations plan to increase the number of agents that support multiple channels -- currently 48% of contact center agents already support multiple channels and that number is going to rise significantly in the coming years as the customer journey takes them across numerous channels. The Deloitte research also identified some key pain points for contact centers, finding that "over 30% of the respondents have not even partially integrated their channels." Check out the infographic below to see more of Deloitte's research findings:

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