A look inside Five9: The people and technology that created a high performing sales development team

Selling is never easy. Inside salespeople must chase after prospects day after day while they deal with frequent rejection and even mind-numbing repetition.

In this blog, you will read first hand, how our very own sales development team became a high-performing unit by leveraging the right people and technology.

The inbound sales leads grew

Traditional lead sources, such as trade shows, website email forms, search-engine marketing, and outbound calling, are vital and drive more leads than ever. On top of that, companies now capture inbound leads through Facebook, Twitter, webinars, user communities, virtual events, chat, and a host of other online channels. In other words, the number of leads streaming in has skyrocketed for many companies, making it harder to sort through the volume and find the true sales opportunities.

At Five9, we recognized that it was time to completely retool our lead-development process so we could tame the deluge and create a more efficient process for turning these leads into high-value sales opportunities. We did it by embracing cutting-edge, cloud technology and an innovative approach to managing and coaching our sales agents.

The team needed to grow

As our inbound sales-lead volumes grew, the Five9 lead development team was scrambling to keep up. Not only did they urgently need more staff, but the old DigiPBX phone system was painfully limiting its success.

To handle the growing lead volumes, the lead-development team expanded from two to eight agents in just one year. The team would have even needed to continue growing to 10 or 11 agents if they had continued to use the same phone system.

Deploying the right solution

The obvious choice was the Five9 Virtual Contact Center (VCC) Platform. Our contact center software, which runs in the cloud, makes it easy for companies to manage since the onus is on Five9 to support the software and technology infrastructure. The solution comes with a robust feature set that includes predictive dialing, CRM integration, reporting and analytics and much more.

For the lead-development team, that meant the agents could sell better and faster. And the team supervisor now has powerful actionable insights to help her more successfully coach and motivate the team.

Hiring, training and on-boarding the right people

Five9 lead-development reps are generally on the phone all day long. The majority of them are two or three years out of college, with this often being their first job in technology or sales.

When hiring, the marketing team looks for a certain skill set and personality profile. The team supervisor notes, "With outbound sales calling, we need people who are savvy about where to look for information and can push back a little on the folks they're calling to get the information they need to qualify leads."

Members of the lead development team don't use scripts, so the reps can be more nimble and natural on the phone. While this loose dynamic is more challenging to manage as a supervisor, the agents thrive in a more stimulating, creative environment.

"I want people who can adapt on their feet quickly to tailor their conversation to the person and opportunity and not just pour out a sales pitch without thinking," says the team supervisor.

Lastly, we look for self-awareness and honesty about personal shortcomings. Those are the people more likely to accept positive and constructive feedback and improve their skills.

"A naturally competitive person who is motivated by achievement is likely to do well at this job. I get a good feeling during an interview when the person gets excited about the comp plan and starts doing the math to figure out how much they would make if they could double or even triple their quotas."

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