Episode 1: Windy & Carl Go Head-to-head [VIDEO]

Let the Contact Center Showdown Commence! Debuting on browsers across the globe, "Success Calls...(and Emails, Tweets & Chats)" chronicles a tale that almost any contact center professional can relate to: the ubiquitous headsets show the contact center from a whole new perspective. Meet Windy and Carl, they don't exactly have the same outlook on their career choices.

Meet Windy. Windy is a happy headset who has always dreamed of working in a cloud contact center. She is excited and motivated to be working in a contact center that uses Five9 cloud solutions. Meet Carl. Carl is in somewhat of a state of denial about being a headset. Irritated and overwhelmed by his employer's on-premise contact center solution, Carl is unproductive and frustrated. Is your contact center headset living the cloud dream or the on-premise nightmare? While Windy and Carl sort out their differences, we recommend you check out the strategies, tools, best practices, and thought leadership found in Windy's Cloud Contact Center Success Kit. But before you dive in, share Windy and Carl with your contact center friends (or foes) - because headsets have feelings too. Subscribe to the Five9 blog to hear more from Windy and Carl!

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