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Five9 Connect: What is it and how does it work?

Five9 Connect copyToday, one of the keys to increasing efficiency in an inbound multichannel contact center is to focus on truly understanding what is important and actionable. This understanding gives contact centers the ability to prioritize, route and assign requests in an intelligent manner to resolve issues quicker and improve conversion rates. Earlier this month Five9 announced 4 new native multichannel applications (email, chat, social and mobile) as well as several other major enhancements. We also announced Five9 Connect, a unique intelligent technology layer that powers the new Five9 multichannel applications. Included in the technology layer is an advanced natural language processing engine, a business rules and routing engine and a suite of agent assistance tools. The technology behind Five9 Connect helps contact centers understand what's critical, relevant and trending; decide how to prioritize, route and assign requests; and quickly resolve issues and improve conversion rates. This technology allows contact centers to focus resources on high priority interactions, eliminate wasted time, and help achieve better business results. What's included? Advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) Engine Filters and categorizes interactions, eliminates spam and un-actionable posts, and determines sentiment to understand what is important, relevant and trending. Business Rules and Routing Engine Gives contact centers the ability to prioritize and route interactions based on their unique business policies and needs. Agent Assistance Tools Helps agents resolve issues quickly and improve conversion rates. Features Include:

  • Powerful sorting and custom views
  • Author search and conversational threading
  • Panoramic timeline to view the complete dialog of cross-channel conversations
  • Next best actions to help agents escalate issues
  • Customer record synchronization allowing author record editing and corporate scoring retrieval
  • Advanced automatic knowledge-based search
  • Agent view of real-time KPIs including individual scores, top performers, and group averages

Five9 Connect allows businesses to run a simply smart contact center with better engagement, faster response, and empowered agents. Want more? See more of what's new here. Read what industry analysts Sheila McGee-Smith of McGee-Smith Analytics, and Dan Miller of Opus Research said about Five9 Connect. Watch demonstrations of the new Summer Release 2014 Multichannel Applications here.

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