Five9 + Salesforce = Better Together

By Mike Burkland, President & CEO of Five9

Salesforce recently announced that they are piloting Open CTI for the Lightning Experience in the Salesforce Summer '16 release -- with Five9 cloud contact center solution as a proof point for the CTI-empowered Lightning Experience. Read the full Salesforce blog post here: Lightning Strikes Open CTI: Why Voice Matters Now More Than Ever. Our success with Open CTI for the Lightning Experience is just the latest of a succession of Five9 innovations that demonstrate the power of integrating with Salesforce, including Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, Omni-Channel and Lightning CTI.

Salesforce and Five9 are in the business of changing the game by enabling an intelligent, state of the art experience for the omnichannel customer journey.

After all, "Five9 + Salesforce = Better Together" is not just a tagline but is a reality driven by a shared vision and passion for improving customer experience. Together, Five9 and Salesforce are helping our joint customers modernize their contact centers to keep pace with the expectations of today's consumer. Consumer power, proactive answers and personalized service are key to delivering a differentiated customer experience.

Consumer Power - the right to choose

Consumer power is on the rise. Today's consumer expects modern touchpoints and channels (voice, video, social, mobile, website, messaging, email), engaging in a way that is "always on" and connected. They expect to be able to engage on their terms - the right to choose how, when, and where they interact. As customers adopt modern channels of communications, the challenge of engaging across the full spectrum of the customer journey provides a steep hurdle for many enterprises.

The modern customer journey extends across the entirety of the customer experience, from web browsing, to voice, to digital channels, to mobile. The fact remains that voice continues to be the linchpin for driving business to the contact center with a large majority of interactions coming via voice. As many customer interactions necessitate the use of more than one communications channel, for example, "Chat + Voice + Video", the ability to provide a "multimodal omnichannel" experience reinforces the importance of voice, even in a web-centric digital world. This demands a robust and reliable cloud contact center integration to complement Salesforce's extensive CRM - which the Five9 Cloud Contact Center delivers through rock solid communication channels and seamless integration with the Lightning Experience.

Proactive Customer Journey - the right to know

Consumers' expectations have shifted from reactive resolution to proactive care. They expect immediate answers, when they need them and without the need to commit their full attention to find them. As a result, first contact resolution is paramount. The business' most powerful customer engagement platform, the contact center, is often blind to a key portion of the customer journey: online presence. In today's world, customer interactions often begin with online visits as consumers research products or hunt for answers to issues. With pre-modernized traditional systems, when the online experience fails to deliver a resolution, consumers end up with a negative experience and often escalate to live agent interactions.

Five9 Customer Journey Analytics treats online presence just as important as physical presence for both buying and care experiences. With Five9 Customer Journey Analytics, business' can see what visitors are doing live on their website, in app or in conversations with their agents. It combines analytics and context, in realtime, to predict customer behavior patterns and recommend next best actions, guiding agents to provide excellent customer experience.

Personalized Service - the right to be known

Consumers are often left asking if businesses really "know me." The lack of seamless integration and context flow from system to system, primarily CRM to contact center, leaves the consumer in a one-size-fits-all, disjointed experience, trying to fill the gaps by repeating information over and over as they move from step to step.

Traditional systems are not ready for moving customer context between real-time (voice, video, website) and non real-time or near real-time channels (chat, email, social).

With Five9 and Salesforce, the full customer lifetime journey is leveraged to provide the visibility, continuity and optimization of the customer experience. Context from rich customer data is leveraged across all contact center channels, delivering to the modern day consumer exactly what they expect: a personalized experience delivered seamlessly across all channels.

As today's contact centers struggle to modernize and keep pace with today's consumer, the Five9 integration with Salesforce delivers all the tools needed to provide the best possible customer experience. Leveraging customer information, modern channels and customer journey analytics, the combination of Salesforce and Five9 deliver a truly unique solution to drive a better customer experience.

We are proud of our partnership with Salesforce and we see Open CTI in Lightning as a game changer to deliver an intelligent, state of the art user experience for an omnichannel customer journey.

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