Four Major Don'ts of Customer Service


When it comes to good customer service, it can often be easier to explain what not to do as opposed to spending hours explaining how to do it right. After years of observing customer service in a professional and personal capacity, I've identified four of the biggest mistakes made by service organizations.

These are things that you should never do when engaging with a customer; under no circumstances are they acceptable.

With training and commitment, you can eliminate these customer service mistakes from your process. 1. Don't Allow Anything To Take Your Focus Off The Customer It is a serious breach of customer service etiquette to focus on anything other than the customer when handling an issue. When a customer service associate is talking to a customer, people, process, and technology should all come together in support of an ideal customer experience and outcome. 2. Don't Be Rude To A Customer Never be rude to a customer, regardless of whether you believe they have a legitimate issue. There are teachable mitigation techniques for when a customer is being belligerently rude to a customer service associate. But under no circumstances should you ever reciprocate and be rude to a customer. 3. Don't Avoid Taking Ownership Of The Problem A customer service associate should never tell a customer that an issue is not the company's problem. The associate needs to assume responsibility for the issue on behalf of the company and then strive to solve the problem, no matter the root cause. The associate may require the help of other resources, however, the associate is ultimately responsible for ensuring that the problem is completely resolved. 4. Don't Put Associates Into Action When They Don't Know The Products Never put a customer service associate on the front lines if they are not ready. In many cases, your customer service team is the first contact customers have with your company outside of sales. If your customer service associates do not have a strong understanding of your product, the interaction could shatter the image your customers have of your company. Customer service isn't easy. But you can make it a lot harder on yourself when you don't recognize four of the biggest (and avoidable) mistakes. Looking for more customer service advice? Check out Six Things Millennials Expect from their Customer Service Experience or Why Brands Struggle to Care for the Connected Consumer [SLIDESHARE]  

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