Getting Started with Social Customer Service

By Sarah Rolfing  Looking to get started with social customer care? Follow these 6 steps to set up a successful social customer service operation. GettingStartedwithSocial2 Step 1: Listen First begin monitoring all major social outlets and identifying where consumers are talking about you.While it is primarily important (and easy) to check your Facebook fan page and @mentions on Twitter, it is equally important to monitor all other social data that does not explicitly tag you. Keyword searches of your product, brand and company names are a good place to start. Step 2: Identify Social Engagement Opportunities Once you've concluded that there is a considerable amount of social chatter, identify how many of the social posts are actionable from an engagement perspective. More often than not there are opportunities for one-on-one engagement with your customers - and studies have shown that engaging with customers on social media will boost your bottom line. Step 3: Develop a Strategy If you've got two thumbs up on steps one and two and you're getting ready to jump in and start engaging, it is first essential that you establish a clear social strategy. 1. Start by developing a social mission statement that aligns with your social engagement goals, customer service philosophy, and other standards your organization upholds. 2. Next, identify and define the types of social posts you want to respond to. Do you want to exclusively respond to happy posts, negative posts or just those who are looking for help? Establish what criteria makes a post actionable while also keeping your organizations customer service philosophy in mind. 3. Circle back to steps one and two to identify the social outlets where you want to be monitoring and engaging. (Hint: this should be where your customers are). 4. Collaborate with marketing and PR to ensure a cohesive social media strategy and successful social engagement implementation. Step 4: Identify the Right Team Because social media is a public channel, you'll want your top dogs on the job. Identify which of your top performing customer care agents are socially savvy and know your brand, products, and policies inside and out. Step 5: Establish Responding Protocol Create a playbook with guidelines and rules of engagement for your team to follow to ensure a consistent and cohesive operation. If you are looking for some social engagement etiquette advice, check out our Top 10 Tips for Social Media Customer Service Engagement. Step 6: Measure Last but not least, be sure to measure, well, everything you can. Measuring and reporting on your social engagement efforts just like any other customer channel is essential in working towards your goals, improving operational efficiency, and ultimately achieving a ROI. Identify SLAs and be able to measure against them. Measure and compare agent progress and productivity to increase efficiency and identify areas for improvement. Determine what metrics are important to your organizations success. Measure things like customer sentiment over time or by business issue to get a grasp on customer satisfaction levels. Track volume by topic to understand consumer trends. Keep track of your social customers and your agent's past interactions with them. These are just a few examples of the types of social metrics that are out there. With the right tools, people, and strategy, adding social media as a customer channel can be a great success.  Tweet @SoCoCare with your tips for social customer service success! 

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