I Went To Dreamforce for the First Time and Now I'm a Consumer of New Brands

If there is one time a year you can define "success" as a combination of self-diagnosed exhaustion with completely mind blowing experiences, it would be after attending Dreamforce 2016. As a first timer at Dreamforce, the must-attend tech conference of the year hosted by our partner Salesforce, I already can't wait for this again next year. I must say, I've learned a lot, networked with industry gurus, saw more swag giveaways than ever before, and I'll definitely be back next time.

As a customer of these brands I saw at Dreamforce, I want that personalized experience on social media or mobile, because that is a reason I'd advocate the business. As a customer, I want to feel connected to a brand and that means the company is active on the same device I'm on. Companies are trying hard to acknowledge generations of consumers that want to be heard on Twitter, via their phone or web chat. And as a part of that demographic, I like to do business with companies that make it that easy.

Attending for more than one day gave me the benefit of getting past the first day of an overwhelming amount of booths, endless insights and motivation, and spend the next few days focused on keynotes and sessions. I was able to attend a couple of presentations that brought together all of the networking insights into first-hand customer scenarios. There was an obvious focus throughout every session, and that was customer journey. Whether the presenter was from MasterCard, Dunkin' Donuts, Deloitte Digital, Gainsight, IFTTT, Classpass, (to name a few) in one way or another, they all discussed the importance of understanding and having a connected experience for their customers, like me.

While consumers are continuing to evolve, the vision of technology has become the reality of what we have now. My key takeaways from the Dreamforce sessions were how important it is for companies to have a clear understanding of the customer journey and aligning the tools to capture the entire customer lifecycle. I understand the need for integrations, predictive recommendations, capturing data from any source or device, and deepened personalization, because these are things that the customer expects from a company.

I look forward to seeing the wider adoption of personalized experiences and customer journey management from the consumer perspective. Dreamforce outdid itself, as expected, and I was glad to experience it all as a first timer.

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