IQPC Call Center Week Recap: Partners In Action

By Walt Rossi, VP Business Development

Vegas - we meet again! I am no stranger to this place. Many conferences are held in the entertainment capital of the world. And what better place to hold the world's largest contact center conference. I'm talking about IQPC Call Center Week. Last week I attended the 17th annual conference that welcomed over 2,000 attendees, more than 200 technology solution providers, and over 130 speakers. According to the last year's post show report, attendees at this event have global responsibilities (30%), have more than five years in strategic contact center or customer experience role (58%), are attending to optimize their current centers (82%), and are launching and planning for a new center (19%). With that is a tremendous amount of opportunities to see what is going on in the industry right now.

In the city of Las Vegas, where everything is an orchestrated show, it was great to see un-orchestrated examples of partnerships in action.

My company, along with many of our partners, was also sponsors of the event. It was great to learn more about trends in customer service and experiences, meet face to face with our partners and customers, and get educated on the latest industry trends. As someone responsible for driving partnerships I was particularly excited to witness two examples of partnerships in action.

I was at our booth and was approached by a conference attendee. The first thing she said was that one of our newer partners had told her to come visit the Five9 booth. She came over and described how she needed help with a contact center solution and might not have contacted us if not for the partner recommendation. We proceeded to show our solution and determined there was a great fit. We could certainly help her business and we have an onsite meeting scheduled already.

The second example was a booth presentation where an attendee was asking us why we needed to work with a particular partner. The attendee thought there was no need for our solution given what he understood the partners offering. Our product presenter described how our solutions complement each other, where we each fit, and why they work together. The attendee was not quite convinced until our partner jumped into the conversation, an executive from our partner company was standing in the audience and jumped in to provide his perspective. He gave the same perspective on the partnership and why they needed to work with us. While he essentially said exactly what we did, the attendee clearly valued hearing it from a second source.

The tremendous amount of value our partnerships bring is something I witnessed more than once during my time at this event. I'm pleased that our partners can validate the strength of working together to create the best possible solutions for our customers.

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