Majestic Wine chose Babble to reimagine their CX

Majestic Wine chose Babble to reimagine their CX

With the nation having to reimagine what happy hour looks like for the past year or so, many of us have turned to businesses like Majestic Wine to provide some much-needed comfort, in the form of fermented grapes. As the demand for wine soared during lockdown, Majestic Wine found themselves longing for a cloud-based solution to deliver an adaptable, scalable, and remote contact centre.

Similar to how we have reimagined our Friday nights, Majestic Wine wanted to reimagine their customer experience to also be remote and an enhanced experience. That is why Babble was selected as the technology partner to deliver a solution tailored for Majestic’s business needs under a tight deadline. Majestic Wine was looking for a cloud-based solution to deliver a flexible, scalable, and remote contact centre within months, and so between ourselves and our partner Five9, we were able to make that dream a reality. The result?

Retail CX reimagined.

So as pubs begin to re-open their doors, I look forward to being able to enjoy a glass of wine inside in the warm weather or even better yet, under glorious sunshine in a beer garden. But sometimes you just can’t beat a night on the sofa, drinking a large glass of Chardonnay and shouting out the answers at whatever poor excuse for a game show is on the tele.

Learn more about how Majestic Wine reimagined the customer experience and realized real results by downloading the case study. And don’t let sour CX grapes affect your clients, customer experience, or contact centre agents. Reimagine CX for your own business or clients by checking out these helpful resources. If you need assistance or want to learn how Babble and Five9 can help you achieve tangible results, don’t hesitate to contact us here.

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