Modernizing Your Contact Center Through Customer Journey Management

By Mayur Anadkat, VP Product Marketing

We have all had the following experience: You call into a customer service line and an interactive voice response (IVR) guides you through options such as billing, customer support, or technical support by pressing numbers on a keypad. Once you've picked through the available options, the IVR then asks you for your name, your account number, and your social security number.

[Long pause]

Finally, an agent picks up and says, "Hi, who do I have the pleasure of speaking with? What can I help you with today? What is your account number or social?" You think to yourself, "Haven't I answered all of this already?"

It's a prevalent situation and there are definite areas for improvement that lie within management of a customer's journey. With the right tools, a company can eliminate the repetitiveness that causes frustration for both the agent and the consumer. If a contact center has not yet modernized with cloud-based solutions, omnichannel presence, CRM integrations, or customer journey analytics, it would be almost impossible for that company to see the journey that each customer is taking. It's important for an agent to know if a customer is brand new, a loyal customer, or some place in between and how they can help.

A customer that has called in to the customer service line before expects to be recognized for that.

Modern contact centers should integrate with a CRM system to streamline the process of obtaining customer information. The contact center should also be able to communicate with customers on their terms. These days, customers are on mobile phones, social media, web chat, email and even video. To stay relevant, contact centers need to keep up with these trends while still carrying the customer's context history from each channel.

To say the least, today's customers have evolved. Their expectations are higher and they want a response immediately on the channel they choose. Businesses must recognize the strategic value of using exceptional customer service as a differentiator and understand that a great a customer experience will directly impact positive business outcomes.

In recognizing the need for modernization in the contact centers, Five9 has announced Summer Release 2016, which gives agents full insight into the customer journey, creating better business outcomes. To learn more about Summer Release 2016 visit our website and attend this upcoming webinar.

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