Why the Next Call Center Agent You Speak to May Be Wearing Pajamas


Parts of this post were originally posted on WIRED Innovation Insights in a two part series here and here. On a warm spring evening, Colleen tucked her two young children into bed, and prepared to go back to work for the second time of the day. Thankfully, she didn't have to get dressed and drive to an office to get down to business. She simply turned on her computer, put on her headset and began taking calls for her job as a contact center agent. Colleen is one of a growing number of "virtual agents" who work from home.

Colleen's story is just one example of how remote work is taking off. Contact centers are racing to deploy work-at-home programs in an effort to hire and retain more qualified staff, reduce real-estate costs and improve agent productivity. Plus, the adoption of mobile, social and cloud technologies is accelerating the move toward remote work.

Read more about Colleen and the competitive advantages of a virtual workforce in part one of the two part series on WIRED Innovation Insights.

Part two of the series discusses how an increasingly mobile workforce, the impact of social media, and the shift to the cloud are causing contact centers to rethink workforce management.

To read more about how contact centers are taking advantage of the work-at-home revolution, check out this case study about how NexRep executes its unique at-home agent business model and grows its business year after year.

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