Onboarding Contact Center Agents: DAY ONE [CHECKLIST]

Not all agents are created equal; some new arrivals are beginning their careers, while others may be experienced agents. You're going to onboard them differently, of course-but probably not on the first day. Why is onboarding such a big deal? Getting agents off to the right start has many advantages: they get up to speed more quickly, are more effective at converting prospects or supporting customers, and are less likely to make newbie mistakes that can turn into unpleasant fire drills. Day one can be the toughest, but with these 9 tips you're sure to get agents off to a good - and productive - start:

  1. Greet new agents with name tags/place cards
  2. Present a fun gift that reinforces your company culture
  3. Describe your contact center's vision, mission, and passion
  4. Explain the importance of the new agent's role
  5. Pair your employee up with an experienced buddy/sponsor/mentor
  6. Get an executive to welcome new arrivals
  7. Go over benefits, policies, and any unusual customs (get HR to help)
  8. Make sure everyone has a buddy or fellow new-hire to chat with at lunch
  9. Get all the needed forms completed (but don't make this a core focus)

If you're looking for more agent onboarding tips and best practices, take a look at chapter 2 of the Agent Performance eBook, All About Onboarding Agents. Get it now: 650x250_SocialMedia_Ep3_Guide

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