Seven Trends Shaping the Future of The Contact Center [WEBINAR]

There is no doubt that we're in the midst of a huge sea change when it comes to consumer behavior. New technologies have completely transformed consumer expectations and buying behavior.

Contact centers are at the forefront of the shifting battleground when it comes to competitive differentiation; the Deloitte 2013 survey of contact centers found that 62% of organizations view customer experience provided through contact centers as a competitive differentiator. This has put a lot of pressure on contact centers around the world, as they struggle to adapt to the rapidly changing technology landscape and consumer expectations.

Here are 7 of the top trends that are shaping the future of the contact center:

1. Cloud Contact Center technology will make companies more competitive 2. OmniChannel (aka Cross Channel) capabilities will be expected 3. Multi channel, intelligent self service will expand 4. The number of live calls will decline, while complexity of transactions will increase 5. The work at home agent trend will continue to strong growth 6. Regulatory compliance will be the new normal 7. Social engagement will be used to drive leads in addition to servicing customers

Watch the on-demand webinar recording below to hear about how these seven trends that are shaping the future of contact centers:

What's next for the contact center? Less complexity, more control. Hello cloud. Balance your need to contain costs and still maintain a great customer experience by leveraging the cloud for your contact center:

Why Cloud CTA


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