Six Things Millennials Expect from their Customer Service Experience

Millennials The generation born between the early 1980s and early 2000s is larger than the Baby Boomers' generation. This generation is expected to have a lot of economic clout in the marketplace, and just like the Baby Boomers, the millennial generation knows that they have the power to affect the way corporations do business. Understanding this generation will be essential if you want your company to grow and prosper. The same customer service tactics that you would use on Baby Boomers may not work on Millennials, which is a concern among customer service professionals. In order to better understand the needs and desires of Millennials, corporations have to take the time to truly understand this new generation and what they expect from companies they do business with. Here are six things Millennials expect from their customer service experiences: 1. Millennials Want An App For That Many Baby Boomers are not as wedded to technology as the Millennials are, which is why customer service departments have contact centers to take calls for product returns. Millennials would rather just fill out a return form on their smartphone and have it taken care of instantly. 2. Millennials Want Customized Options Millennials grew up with the ability to customize just about anything, especially when it came to Smartphone apps, which are known for allowing users to customize their experience. Millennials want to be able to choose their communication channel of choice, their customer service options and have those options stored so they can be easily retrieved. 3. Millennials Want To See Something New If your competition has a new online customer service feature available, then you better have it as well. Being one step ahead of your competition with your online customer service offerings is best if you want to keep the business of a Millennial. If the competition is allowing customers to request returns online, then you better be able to offer the ability to print a shipping label for the return package if you want to impress the Millennials. 4. Millennials Want A Solution Immediately Having grown up in the Internet age, Millennials are used to getting results instantly. With an Internet connection, you can get approved for a mortgage, buy movie tickets, and download the latest book in a matter of minutes. Your customer service solution needs to be fast and efficient if you are going to keep Millennials happy. 5. Millennials Want To Be Heard Millennials will give you their opinions - you just need to give them a forum. Millennials demand to have their opinions heard, and you have to give them an outlet. One way to do this is to put a lot of resources into creating a stellar social media presence where you can field customer opinions and deal with issues immediately. 6. Millennials Want You to Speak Their Language If you want to talk to Millennials-and you will want to-then you need to speak the same language they do. Millennials are not interested in sales talk or legal language. They just want to hear the information presented in simple and uncomplicated terms. Millennials are all grown up and they are your customers. If you want your business to survive, then you need to offer the kind of customer service they expect. In order to meet the growing demands and preferences of all generations, including Millennials, consider a multichannel solution for your customer service approach. Tweet this post: Six Things #Millennials Expect from their #CustServ Experience | #cctr #cx

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