Social Media Customer Engagement Explained

By Lance Fried The 'Social Media Explained' meme has made its way around by now-- by means of doughnuts, bacon, coffee, sleep, cats, hospitals, cookies, and even bodily functions that I shall not mention here.

Seeing as social engagement for customer care is quite the topic these days (and our specialty), we've put a new twist on the ol' Social Media Explained meme. We bring you Social Media Customer Engagement Explained… with Tacos. Because everybody likes tacos…

Inspired by AT&T: Taco Party

As we have communicated in prior blog posts, social customer engagement can be tremendously profitable for a brand. A study by Gallup measured that fully engaged customers account for an average 23% increase in profitability. Furthermore, actively disengaged customers represent a 13% decrease in revenue. Staying engaged with your customers is a must for brands, and social is the perfect place to do it because it's where your customer is already engaging. SocialCustomerEngagementExplained

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