Stand Up To Cancer - How it All Works

By Mayur Anadkat, VP Product Marketing

One in two men & one in three women in the U.S. will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime.

That is a statistic that cannot be ignored. More often than not, people can relate to cancer in some form or another. Everyone has a reason to give back.

Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C) is initiating the acceleration in innovative cancer research to bring new treatments to patients faster, and saving lives now. Tonight (Friday, Sept 9 at 8|7c) this amazing organization is hosting a live, commercial-free fundraising telecast to support cancer research with Tom Hanks as host. To call this event massive is an understatement. The results are groundbreaking as everyone, including celebrities such as Elton John, George Clooney, and Bradley Cooper to name a few, get behind this, act as agents to take pledges and support the mission that all cancer patients become cancer survivors.

That being said, the massive event requires a huge team behind the screens. This is not an easy thing accomplish successfully. There are so many moving parts, a lot of trustworthy technology and people involved. And everything has to work, everything has to be perfect, everything has to be bigger and better, it's a huge undertaking to pull it all off for a one hour show.

NexRep is a business process outsourcing (BPO) company that is operating the contact center behind this event. Teddy Liaw, CEO of NexRep, is all hands on deck this evening. He told me, "make sure to tune in, I don't even need to tell you what channel to go to because it is on every channel." Teddy's contact center agents will be operating on the Five9 software and working with multiple cloud carriers to make this all possible.

It wouldn't be possible without the cloud technology behind it. NexRep has scaled their agents from a couple hundred to thousands for this one night. The only way to scale up to the number of agents required for one night, the agents will have to be everywhere, remote, at home, or on site. Operating on a platform that allows an agent to be physically located anywhere with an internet connection, while still having the visibility into the contact center, is the only way to pull off an event this substantial.

Be sure to tune in tonight to support cancer research. More information about SU2C here.

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