Survey Says: Great Customer Service Equals Brand Advocacy

By Katie Bromley, Director Corporate Communications

33% of consumers* said that "receiving great customer service" is a reason they would advocate for a brand. 34% will advocate for "love of the brand." Also, 62% said free delivery would motivate them to buy a product online. I'm a fan of great customer service, and free, so yes, count me in those numbers as well.

I'm almost done with my holiday shopping and the majority of it has been done online. Why? Because online shopping provides me with a better experience than what a brick and mortar can often provide me in-person, especially during a busy holiday season. Two important factors in this experience are: better online selection, and I can easily compare prices and shipping options.

My favorite online stores offer customer service where it's convenient to me. That's what it comes down to most often for customer service. Be where your audience is. Are they on social media? Then you should be too. Is your online shop receiving a lot of attention this holiday season? Take steps to minimize the amount of abandoned shopping carts. Be proactive with your customer service. How can you help?

Great customer experiences create brand loyalty, so of course, bad experiences have the opposite effect. This is why companies put such importance on creating great experiences. Delighting customers. Exceeding expectations. Is your contact center paying attention to where your customers are?

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* Survey conducted by GlobalWebIndex, "The Online Purchase Journey"


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