The Benefits of Social Customer Service in 3 Steps: Listen. Engage. Measure. - INFOGRAPHIC

By Sarah Rolfing Embracing social media for customer care can be a bit terrifying at first, and jumping in head first is not always recommended. In your company, social may be owned by marketing or it may be foreign territory altogether. Either way, if your company is looking to increase customer loyalty and improve brand image, social is the place to be. Listen.Engage.Measure According to a report by Forrester, customer service satisfaction remains low for social media channels because companies have not yet invested in best practices for managing interactions on social channels. Additionally, Aberdeen Group found that nearly 1 in 3 consumers prefer to contact brands via social media. There is a clear disconnect between where customers want support, and where companies are giving it. So for those of you who are still wary of social for customer care, consider just listening first- Listen to your customers, understand their decision habits, identify brand advocates, etc. Many say that social media is the ultimate focus group for your brand, and we would have to agree. Once you begin listening on social media, more often than not, you'll find there are opportunities for 1:1 engagement with your customers. Engaging with customers can lead to higher customer loyalty and satisfaction while maintaining a positive brand image. What's nearly equally as important as engaging, is measuring your progress, trends, and efforts. Take a look at the infographic we've put together that identifies the proven benefits for each step of the way as you embark on your social customer care journey. SoCoCareKnowsSocialInfographic2

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