Time to Start Thinking of Customer Service as a Business Driver in 2017

By Kevin Gavin, CMO

This article was originally published on VMBlog, here.

Video Customer Service Turns Mainstream

As the modern customer increasingly feels empowered to communicate with brands via various channels like phone calls, texts, social media and more, the rise in video communication will become more mainstream. Just as social media brought on a new way to communicate with consumers, video will be a powerful tool to ease pain points in an easy and efficient manner. In 2017, more businesses will move to adopt video as the new normal in customer service or risk getting left behind.

Analytics Will Help Brands Recognize Customer Problems Before They Even Know They Have One

In 2017, leading brands will put the right resources in place to ensure more personalized and proactive customer service. Analytics-driven customer service will start to become critical for businesses who want to continue providing the best customer experience. With the rise of analytics, businesses will reap the benefits of things like seeing a customer's history immediately when they contact customer service and providing personalized experiences for consumers based on likes and preferences. This technology will also predict what consumers need based on patterns in their customer journey, allowing for agents to proactively reach out to consumers before the problem is even realized. Companies who implement this technology will retain more customers and increase brand loyalty.

Contact Centers Become a Leading Source of Revenue

Not too long ago, contact centers were seen as cost drivers, not revenue drivers. Agents used to hurry through their calls as fast as they could, to not be on the line for too long and drive up costs. However, this has been changing as companies realize the power of happy customers and in 2017, we'll see more and more companies put an emphasis on contact centers as revenue drivers. Companies will realize the importance of brand building via customer service and they'll continue seeing their bottom lines positively affected by it.


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