Top 4 Cloud Software Myths, Debunked

Debunking_cloud There is no denying that cloud computing is one of the hottest trends in the tech industry. While incredibly popular, the cloud is still fairly new. The move from "old school" on-premise computing to the "new school" cloud is a significant shift that naturally comes with a certain amount of anxiety and uncertainty. Let's start by reminding ourselves of the significant advantages the cloud offers, it:

  1. Enables businesses to focus on their core competency
  2. Enables rapid time to benefit
  3. Empowers individual business units
  4. Simplifies technology decisions with sand boxes, preconfigured environments and the elimination of capital investments
  5. Allows companies to control costs with "pay as they grow" or "pay for usage" plans
  6. Lets a contact center easily increase or decrease the number of agents supported

Despite these benefits, technology buyers continue to have concerns about the cloud. We'll call these concerns myths, because they are based more on hearsay rather than fact, and in this eBook we will debunk each one. If you're on the fence about cloud technology vs on-premise, do yourself a favor and get the facts before making the leap in either direction. Scroll through or DOWNLOAD the Executive Brief today:

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