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Challenging Cloud Myths, Part 2

Second in a series debunking myths about the cloud… Myth#2 – The cloud cannot scale for large enterprises. The truth is actually just the opposite; one single organization is less likely to be able to scale more than a cloud software vendor. When delivering software in the cloud, the concept of economies of scale is key, so most cloud vendors build their solutions from the ground up with an innate ability to scale.

Challenging Cloud Myths, Part 1

First in a series… Cloud Security There is no denying that cloud computing is one of the hottest trends in the tech industry. While incredibly popular, the cloud is still fairly new.

Getting a Handle on Social Influence

By Edwin Margulies Social Engagement for Customer Care is one of the fastest-growing disciplines in the customer service space. There are all kinds of metrics we use to quantify the importance of a social post and social authors. Amongst them is topic relevancy and sentiment. But perhaps the least understood or leveraged is social influence.

Sentiment Approaches for Social Care Teams

By Edwin Margulies Sentiment is an attribute of social posts that can provide rich clues on how to engage with a customer. But it's not always what it seems on the surface.

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