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Future of the Contact Center: 7 Key Trends Driving a Massive Transformation (Part 1)

There is no doubt that we're in the midst of a sea change when it comes to consumer behavior. New technologies have completely transformed consumer expectations and buying behavior, making it more difficult for brands to acquire new customers and earn their loyalty. Contact centers are now under pressure to adapt to the rapidly changing technology landscape and consumer expectations. There are seven key trends that will impact contact centers as they evolve to meet these shifting expectations.

The Rise of Outcome-Based Pricing for Contact Center Outsourcers (BPOs)

Contact center outsourcers are striving to differentiate themselves based on their ability to hire and retain the most highly skilled workforce in the customer care field. Managing this workforce has traditionally been a challenge, but outcome-based reporting has shown a great deal of promise in removing much of the uncertainty. Defining Outcome-Based Pricing:

5 Reasons Why Contact Center Outsourcers (BPOs) + Cloud Contact Center Solutions Are Better Together

Contact center outsourcers greatly benefit from leveraging modern technology solutions that help them provide and manage turnkey customer engagement programs. More and more outsourcers are discovering the advantages and flexibility that CLOUD contact center software can provide. Here are just a few examples of what the CLOUD enables contact center outsourcers to do:

How to Increase Efficiency and Quality with Call Recording and Monitoring

Recording interactions is the first step toward helping agents become more efficient and deliver higher quality interactions. Recordings can be used for coaching sessions with agents... for training new agents... for transitioning a current agent to a new role or program... and overall, call recording can provide the basis for analyzing interactions to learn what works best.

8 Tips for Ensuring Agents Excel in a Multichannel Environment [CHECKLIST]

ICMI research shows 86 percent of consumers want the freedom to choose their favorite channel to connect with businesses -- and their satisfaction levels rise when they're given that choice. Put processes into place and take advantage of technology tools to transform your best agents into multichannel powerhouses. Here are some tips to get you there:

5 Ways to Boost the Fun Factor in Your Contact Center

Just about everyone agrees: employees that feel rewarded tend to be more productive and more effective in their roles—and they’re less likely to depart for greener-looking pastures. Here are a few ideas for livening things up in your contact center:

Top 5 Qualities to Look for When Hiring an Effective Super-Agent [CHECKLIST]

With the growing demand for multichannel customer service, more and more contact centers are recognizing the benefits of hiring and training agents to handle multiple service channels simultaneously (i.e. phone, email, chat, and social). These types of agents are being referred to as super-agents. Today, contact centers are striving to meet the demands of connected consumers, who want near-immediate results on their channel of choice. Here is a checklist of skills to look for when on the hunt for an effective super-agent:

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