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Customer Contact Management

Customer Contact Management Best Practices

You want to improve your business efficiency and lower costs with the best staff scheduling. How is it possible to do this while creating smoother operations and building happier representatives for your operation? 

Five9 Workforce Management (WFM) software solutions integrate with the Five9 platform for effective and efficient staff management. With the power of the Five9® Virtual Contact Center tools, you will run staff management in the cloud environment and take advantage of our proven powerful features including:

  • Forecasting dashboards based on workload and agent availability
  • Schedule optimization to give the best balance between cost and service
  • Ability to identify trends and get insights into challenges requiring process improvement
  • View predictive future call volumes and agent staff requirements

Optimize your costs and return on investment with the ability to adjust agent schedules based on forecasted headcount and call volume.  Monitor how well agents adhere to schedules in real time and make adjustments quickly and easily.  

Learn more about Five9 customer contact management best practices and solutions. Call 1-800-553-8159 today.

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About Five9

Five9 is a leading provider of cloud contact center software. We are driven by a passion to transform contact centers into customer engagement centers of excellence, coupled with a deep understanding of the cost and complexity involved in running a contact center. Check out this video to learn more about how we can help you transform your business today.