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Customer Service Scripts

Customer Service Scripts to Improve First Impression

I don't know about you, but when I hear the word script as it pertains to call agents I think about a phony boring presentation like a recording that doesn't engage me at all.This is not what today's customer service scripts are at all. Five9 uses scripts to enable contact center agents to respond quickly and proactively in order to deliver exceptional customer experience.

We offer the right set of tool kits to close the gap between customer expectations and the actual experience your business delivers. Our multichannel app offers a unique agent assistance suite that includes a powerful, yet simple customer service script library.

With Five9 scripts at the touch of a button, agents:

  • Find answers to popular questions
  • Discover scripts that contain hyperlinks to leads agents them quickly to specific documents with all the answers
  • Receive pop-ups that give them the customer service scripts to choose from
  • Have ability to deposit content and its associated hyperlink to customer's reply pane

To become the best-in-class contact center, partner with Five9 and leverage customer service scripts and our other unique capabilities. Contact us at 1-800-553-8159 and go ahead and check out our Ballpark Pricing today. You'll be surprised how affordable it is.

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