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Workforce Management Applications

Optimize Performance with Workforce Management Applications

Supervisors in a call center need to constantly monitor agent availability, and schedules, in order to ensure continued operations. This includes adding seats and adjusting shift schedules to deal with sudden spikes in call volume. Cloud workforce management applications help supervisors to smartly plan agent schedule, and ensure adherence at all times.

The Five9 Workforce Management application gives supervisors the ability to manage staff and their schedules with amazing efficiency. By automatically tying schedules to call volume forecasts, and agent availability, supervisors can easily ramp up or ramp down staff to keep costs low.

Using drag-and-drop scheduling tools and broadcasts, contact center administrators, can make adjustments based on agent requests for permissions, vacations, and preferred schedules. When schedules change for the agents, Five9 software automatically notifies the different parties. With improved accuracy, supervisors can assign daily, weekly and monthly work rules, and manage every agent's availability by date.

The Five9 Workforce Management Advantage

  • The best agents are placed in the right positions for success
  • Monitor and record customer calls, which in turn allows them to evaluate and train agents
  • Consistently meet service levels by scheduling agents with specific skills at the appropriate times

From preference-based scheduling, to planning of ad-hoc events and scheduling meeting, and sending activity reminders/change notifications, Five9 software covers every workforce management activity.

Take the contact center to greater operational efficiency, and manage changes easily, with Five9 workforce management applications. Call us 1-800-553-8159 to schedule a demo.

About Five9

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