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Workforce Management Processes

Workforce Management Processes Drives Improved Contact Center Efficiency

Striking the right balance between exceptional customer experiences and optimizing costs is no easy task. Managing both sides of the equation—contact center agents and customers—can’t be done on the fly and manual processes are inefficient. Five9’s workforce automation tools offer the solution.

With the Five9 Workforce Management solution, contact center supervisors and managers can efficiently manage agent schedules. Five9 helps achieve optimal agent coverage for a contact center with the minimal resources, while seamlessly achieving key performance indicator (KPI) goals.

Five9 offers cloud contact center software that businesses can use to give their agents a competitive advantage. The company’s virtual contact center suite includes inbound, outbound, and blended solutions, along with integrated multichannel solutions, cloud APIs for application integration, and contact center management applications.

Equipped with more than 100 standard reports on various contact center parameters such as agents, calls, call segments, etc., Five9 empowers administrators to effectively leverage their workforce to deliver the best performance. Five9’s workforce management solution ensures the following workforce management processes are carried out without affecting business performance.

  • Agent requests for time off or, vacations
  • Adjustment of schedules based on agent preference
  • Plan for special events and meetings

Ensure high service levels and customer satisfaction by staying on top of agent adherence, whether they’re remote or on-premise, with insight into agent activities and real-time alerts when agents exceed thresholds.

Five9 offers the best tools to calibrate contact center operations with optimum results.

To learn how to improve contact center operations using Five9 workforce management processes, call us at 1-800-553-8159.

About Five9

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