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Do you have the best customer service?

Five9’s contact center software can help you deliver the best customer service in a manner that is affordable, flexible, and easy to use.

Do You Have THE BEST Customer Service?

In a world where customer complaints can launch viral discussions on social media, it’s more important than ever to ensure you’re offering the best customer service. While customer service tips often focus on the steps your employees can take to satisfy customers, it’s important to remember that the technology you use is an equally important factor.

What is the Best Customer Service?

You’re probably used to measuring the success of your customer service through metrics like first call resolution, average call times and overall customer satisfaction. But when it comes to the best customer service, you also need to think about what your customers don't want, and how those experiences can leave them dissatisfied.

The most common complaints customers have about phone customer service relate to the mechanics of your contact center software. Issues like having to navigate incomprehensible phone trees, repeating themselves when they describe why they’re calling and getting bounced between different representatives are all common triggers for customer dissatisfaction.

If you’re not able to efficiently connect your callers with the right representative, you risk giving the impression that your business is unwilling or unable to provide the best customer service practices.

How Can the Best Customer Service Applications Help?

The best service desk experience for your customers is one where they are quickly connected to a representative who demonstrates genuine knowledge about them and their situation, and can efficiently address the reason they’re calling.

Next-generation contact center software makes this possible by working organically to figure out why the customer is calling, matching that caller with their customer profile and intelligently routing the call to a representative who’s best equipped to provide a solution.

What Does a Great Service Call Look Like?

Consider this scenario for an ideal helpdesk experience:

A large client calls because they need help from tech support. The phone software allows the client to answer questions directly by speaking into the phone and quickly identifies the problem. The software matches the caller with their customer profile, which includes information about past reasons they’ve called, how important they are as a client and which representatives have helped them before. The software then intelligently routes the call and the customer’s information to an available agent who’s equipped to help them. The agent quickly picks up the phone, greets the customer by name and dives right into providing IT support.

Next-generation contact center software is expressly built to power interactions just like this. It allows clients to be routed based on IVR interactions and customer profiles, and lets your agents re-route incoming calls at the click of the mouse. Since it’s tied into all your company’s data about that customer and other systems like Salesforce, Oracle or NetSuite, your agent has all the customer data they need before they pick up the phone.

The Future of Customer Service, Today

Next-generation solutions like Five9’s contact center software provide your callers with an intelligent, intuitive experience that empowers your representatives to delight your customers with hyper-responsive service. By organically integrating with all of your systems and customer data, the software frees your employees to focus on the kind of personal interactions that inspire customer loyalty. 

Five9’s contact center software can help you deliver the best customer service in a manner that is affordable, flexible, and easy to use.   

If you’re in the business of delighting customers, you need next-generation phone software to enable your best practices for customer service.

For help with questions about Five9’s contact center software, or to request a best-fit business consultation and pricing quote, contact us today. 

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