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Five9 SoCoCare Wins 2013 Cloud Computing Excellence Award

Cloud Computing Magazine Honors Best-in-Class Social Engagement and Mobile Customer Care Solution for Cloud Innovation

San Ramon, Calif. – December 13, 2013 – Five9, the leader in cloud contact center software, has earned a 2013 Cloud Computing Excellence Award from Cloud Computing Magazine. Specifically, Cloud Computing Magazine is honoring the Five9 SoCoCare social and mobile customer care solution. 

The Cloud Computing Excellence Award recognizes innovative cloud companies that are bringing differentiated solutions to the market to reduce operating costs and increase customer satisfaction among todays socially connected and smartphone savvy consumers.

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"We are thrilled to be honored for our achievements in cloud innovation, as well as social and mobile product excellence. With the Five9 strategic acquisition of SoCoCare, two best-in-class cloud-based solutions have come together to deliver the next generation of cloud contact center software."
—Lance Fried, senior vice president of social and mobile, Five9

Five9 SoCoCare combines rich social feeds (from blogs to articles and social network posts) with the ability to reply and direct-message authors all on one, unified platform. Powered by its natural language processing capabilities and advanced business rules, Five9 SoCoCare gives organizations the ability to treat requests for customer service or support from social media similarly to incoming phone calls.

"Five9 is a leader in the advancement of cloud computing and TMC is proud to announce Five9 SoCoCare as a recipient of the third annual Cloud Computing Excellence Award. Five9 SoCoCare has demonstrated innovation as well as the ability to improve and leverage the cloud to accelerate social and mobile customer care enterprise adoption." 
Rich Tehrani, chief executive officer, TMC

In addition to the 2013 Cloud Computing Excellence Award, Five9 SoCoCare has won the TMC Labs Innovation AwardSocial Business Award, and Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award

About Five9 SoCoCare 
Five9 is the leading provider of cloud contact center software, bringing the power of the cloud to thousands of customers worldwide and facilitating more than three billion customer interactions annually. Five9 SoCoCare is a best-in-class social engagement and mobile customer care solution. Since 2001, Five9 has led the cloud revolution in contact centers, helping organizations of every size transition from premise-based software to the cloud. With unparalleled expertise, technology, and ecosystem of partners, Five9 helps businesses take advantage of secure, reliable, scalable cloud contact center software to create exceptional customer experiences, increase agent productivity and deliver tangible business results. For more information visit and

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