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SoCoCare Adds Multi Language Support to Social Media Engagement Platform

SAN DIEGO, CA. - Sep 10, 2013 - SoCoCare, the leading all-in-one provider of social engagement for customer care solutions, announced today that it has developed support packages handling English, French, Spanish, German and over one hundred other single byte languages.

"There are few barriers that stand in the way of consumers who turn to self-publishing on social media for customer care, and now, there are no Language barriers either," said Lance Fried, CEO of SoCoCare. "We are pleased to add multi language support into our offering, which allows us to better serve our existing customers and further expand our international footprint."

Out-of-the-box support modules are available for single-byte languages, which include Spam Elimination, Business Issue Clustering, and Sentiment Analysis. The spam elimination module focuses on the relevancy of content. The system is able to filter out non-actionable posts thus saving a lot of time for agents. The module for business issue clustering is able to detect the gist of the conversation. This means social posts can be automatically tagged as "customer support," "technical support" or "sales" for example. The sentiment analysis module ascertains the mood of the customer automatically - regardless of language. All single byte languages can be deployed with several days of NLP training before system go-live.

"The ability to support spam control, business issue and sentiment detection across all popular single-byte languages means huge savings for customer service and sales centers," said Edwin Margulies, COO of SoCoCare. "Now virtually all posts can be filtered and prioritized for each language the brand has a constituency for."

SoCoCare's all-in-one social engagement for customer care platform uses natural language processing (NLP) technology to understand the content of social networking posts. This automated understanding helps to prioritize and route posts to the proper customer care agents who in turn are able to engage and respond to customers over social channels.

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