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Five9 Expands Rewards Program with Referral Partner Community

Leading Software as a Service (SaaS) provider of call center solutions enhances incentive programs for partner community

PLEASANTON, Calif. – November 4th, 2008 – Five9, Inc., the leader in on demand call center solutions, today announced enhanced incentive programs for its partner community. The Five9 Referral Program, launched in January, allows partners to provide sales referrals and share in the license fees generated by those referrals. In addition to the referral revenue, members of the program gain by expanded collaboration with Five9 and its community of users and partners.

“Since the start of our Referral Program, we’ve been in contact with partners to understand their specific needs and the requirements of their vertical markets. With the addition of 60 partners to our referral network, additional customers have benefited by our powerful predictive dialing and call center capabilities. Partners collaborated on many solutions in industries such as education, mortgage, telemarketing, and travel. Together we’ve also provided specialized, customer seminars covering topics ranging from compliance to home agent strategies. We’re taking this time of year to say thank you to our partners with special incentives and rewards,” said Jim Dvorkin, CTO of Five9.

The Five9 Referral Program is entirely web-based and can be accessed from the Five9 website. After completing a short application form and acknowledging the terms and conditions of the program, members are up and running quickly. Rick Doyle, President of LeadMailbox says, “We’ve been working with Five9 this year to provide our customers with quick access to a proven, affordable call center solution. Five9 can deploy their solution in one week and our customers see impact in the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations. User-friendly technology is important to both our companies. With Five9, agents, supervisors, and administrators get on board right away.”

Other partners report rapid access to call center software solutions and expertise on best practices and operational benefits in addition to input for future software releases from industry sectors. “Mining trends from our referral partners offers another window on customer needs and future applications,” states Dvorkin.

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