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New Five9 Soft Phone

Innovation eliminates the need for expensive hardware, speeding deployment of low-cost on-demand call center solution.

PLEASANTON, Calif. (July 11, 2005) — Five9, Inc., the leading provider of on-demand call center solutions, today announced the Five9 Soft Phone, a new feature for its Virtual Contact Center™. The Five9 Soft Phone is included as part of its on-demand agent desktop, so customers now only need a PC and any USB headset to use the Five9 solution - making set-up of the Five9 call center solution faster, simpler, and less costly than ever before.

"Five9's Soft Phone has made our lives much easier," said Bryan Lindahl, director of operations at Intelligent Alternatives. "We run three call centers, and the Soft Phone has made it incredibly fast to add new agents and open new call centers. The last call center we opened took less than three hours to get up and running because of the Soft Phone. Also, the sound quality of the voice over IP technology is great, and our agents have been really pleased with how easily they can adjust the call volume and tone."

With the proprietary soft phone application now included in the standard agent desktop set-up, Five9 customers can:

Deploy a complete contact center in as little as three hours
Add new contact center agents in minutes
Support distributed call centers, including agents working out of their homes
Eliminate the need to purchase and maintain additional expensive hardware for each agent and location
The elimination of the hardware gateway saves customers time and money when provisioning Five9's on-demand call center service, and the savings further extend the dramatic cost difference between Five9's on-demand solution compared to traditional on-premise phone switches and client-server software.

"The new Soft Phone makes Five9 a truly on-demand offering," said Brian Silverman, president and CEO of Five9, Inc. "With our new international offices and customers around the globe, the Five9 Soft Phone offers our customers increased flexibility and superior cost-savings."

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Five9 is the leading global provider of on-demand call center solutions for customer interaction management. The award-winning Five9 Virtual Call Center™ targets small- to midsized call centers, contact center operations of large enterprises, and companies that provide outsourced call center services. Companies on five continents profit from Five9's reliable, robust functionality that is fast, easy, and affordable to deploy for any call center. For more information, visit

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