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XACT TeleSolutions & Five9

Leading outsourced provider of communications and call handling solutions takes advantage of innovative on-demand call center features for large distributed call center operations.

PLEASANTON, Calif. (August 29, 2005) — Five9, Inc., the leader in on-demand call center solutions, today announced that XACT TeleSolutions has deployed the company's Virtual Contact Center™, helping the provider of outsourced communications and call handling solutions grow to more than 100 agents. With Five9, XACT can obtain customer interaction metrics on each of the more than 1000 toll-free numbers it services for its clients as well as reduce monthly IT costs - two key requirements for them.

"The Five9 solution enables us to deliver integrated call handling and CRM solutions to our customers with a high degree of reliability, without major upfront investment in equipment," said Sharon Grossman, president of XACT TeleSolutions. "As a result of using Five9's technology we have reduced our phone bill by 41%, reduced IT staff from eight to three engineers, and we have generated an increase in revenues in Q1 2005 of 28% over Q1 2004 while decreasing our IT budget. Five9's on-demand VoIP architecture perfectly matches our own distributed call center model, in which our one physical site is seamlessly connected on the same network with our telecommuting "homesourced" agents in the continental U.S., Puerto Rico, and the Philippines, who now make up 75% of our workforce."

Five's Agent Desktop and VoIP technology enables XACT agents to handle both inbound and outbound calls in a blended contact center environment. Because XACT's clients often have multiple toll-free numbers correlating to particular advertising campaigns, clients need statistics on how each advertising medium is performing in addition to how XACT's agents are interacting with their customers. By using the Five9 Virtual Contact Center, XACT is able to service more than 1000 toll-free numbers for its more than 30,000 clients and provide detailed metrics on the performance of each toll-free number and agent associated with that campaign. XACT can generate reports detailing data such as average hold time and call duration, cost per call, agent productivity profiles, marketing statistics for each 800 number, as well as voice and data records of each customer interaction.

"Another compelling feature of the Five9 Virtual Contact Center is the skills-based call routing capability that delivers higher customer satisfaction by connecting callers with the most appropriate agents to meet their needs, enabling us to serve more customers and grow our business," said Grossman. "And because Five9's on-demand technology makes it possible to easily add additional agents in minutes as business needs grow, we have been able to quickly and efficiently expand our workforce to over 100 agents."

"The fact that XACT was able to quickly and easily build out their contact center operations to where they have over 100 agents using Five9's Virtual Contact Center is a testament to the reliability and scalability of our on-demand technology," said Brian Silverman, president and CEO of Five9, Inc. "This proves that large-scale contact center operations can also benefit from the significant cost savings and productivity gains that on-demand technology offers to contact centers of all sizes."

About The Five9 Virtual Call Center™
The Five9 Virtual Call Center™ enables companies of any size to build a comprehensive, feature-rich contact center - anywhere in the world - without any hardware, software, or upfront capital expenditures. In addition to the cost savings, Five9's on-demand service allows for easy set-up and administration of at-home agent workforces as well as single-site or distributed, multi-site centers to act as one, regardless of geographic location.

Built from the ground up by Five9 to eliminate third-party license fees and ensure costs are kept low, any business with just a PC and a broadband connection can afford a comprehensive suite of applications including: Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), Predictive Dialer, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Computer Telephony (CTI), Remote Agent Capabilities, Skills-based Routing, Recording, Silent Monitoring, Real-time Reporting, Chat, and Centralized Management.

About Five9, Inc.

Five9 is the leading global provider of on-demand call center solutions for customer interaction management. The award-winning Five9 Virtual Call Center™ targets small- to midsized call centers, contact center operations of large enterprises, and companies that provide outsourced call center services. Companies on five continents profit from Five9's reliable, robust functionality that is fast, easy, and affordable to deploy for any call center. For more information, visit

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