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Purple Heart Service Foundation

On-demand virtual business center will be used to provide comprehensive call center training to combat-wounded and disabled veterans to allow them to take advantage of increasing need for skilled, home-based, virtual agents

PLEASANTON, Calif. (November 10, 2005) — Five9, Inc., the leader in on-demand call center solutions, and the Military Order of the Purple Heart (MOPH) Service Foundation, the only Congressionally chartered veterans organization in the country dedicated exclusively to America's Combat Wounded Veterans, today announced that the MOPH Service Foundation has selected the Five9 Virtual Contact Center to help them train veterans to become Help Desk Advocates, Service Coordinators, Customer Research Technicians and other business and non-profit related service agents.

"MOPH Service Foundation research indicates thousands of combat-wounded and disabled veterans are ready and able to work. This free training program gives the veteran the option to function in the information industry while working from home. We want the virtual training experience to be as realistic as possible, and to mirror the pace and volume that veterans can expect from any call center organization. We needed a call center solution with predictive dialing technology that we could use for these virtual home-based agents and Five9 was that solution," said Ken Smith, Program Manager, MOPH Service Foundation. "By re-training with high-demand business skills, we are ensuring that combat-wounded and disabled veterans gain extremely valuable skills to be able to compete in the global information industry, commanding a living wage, while working from home."

MOPH Service Foundation reviewed a variety of vendors before selecting Five9's on-demand solution for the Foundation's innovative, 15-week training program. In addition to using the VoIP-based Virtual Contact Center for training, the MOPH Service Foundation will also use the service to manage its donors.

To keep costs low and ensure they have the best agents for the job - regardless of location - call centers are increasingly hiring agents who work from home rather than continuing to operate a traditional, capital-intensive, facilities-based call center. The MOPH Service Foundation's goal is to provide wounded veterans with extensive training so that they can take advantage of this trend. The 15-week training totaling 600 hours will address everything from how to work a help desk, conduct a market survey with measured results and training home-based agents on charitable non-profit giving.

The Five9 Virtual Contact Center will scale on-demand with the number of trainees, and the predictive dialer will help trainees to be more effective and productive and to become assets to their future employers. Additionally, the trainees will use Five9's built-in automatic number identification (ANI) and automatic call distribution (ACD) to improve customer service and responsiveness.

"This is an extremely innovative use of our solution, and we are honored to be selected for such a worthwhile mission," said Brian Silverman, president and CEO of Five9. "Ensuring that our veterans can compete in this new call center environment, and providing them with the skills to not just work, but to potentially become a superior class of agents is a tremendous service, and a exceptional way to honor our veterans and keep jobs in the U.S."

For more information about the MOPH Service Foundation's training program or to request information about hiring these trained veterans, please contact Ken Smith at 703-340-8763 or visit

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