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Premise-Based Pricing Model

PLEASANTON, Calif. - October 3, 2007 - Five9, Inc., the leader in on-demand call center solutions, today announced the launch of an innovative new pricing model for the company's Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products. As a hybrid of premise hardware and hosted software pricing, the model allows customers to purchase the Five9 Outbound Suite™ in the same way that hardware-based predictive dialer products are obtained. After the initial purchase, customers will have the right to use the dialer forever. Commencing in the second year, a nominal maintenance fee will be charged, providing customers with 24x7 technical support and continual upgrades to the dialer, as they become available.

"Five9 pioneered on-demand software for call centers, and we're continuing to lead the industry by introducing this innovative model for hosted software companies to bring value to the market," said Brian Silverman, CEO of Five9. "We believe that by changing the prevailing SaaS pricing model, we will encourage even more companies to view hosted software as a truly viable, long-term alternative to premise-based technology. As a leader in on-demand software, we are committed to flexibility for our clients, and this gives them another choice when selecting our solution."

Five9 believes that the new pricing model makes SaaS products even more competitive with premise-based offerings by allowing hosted vendors to provide pricing that will continue to deliver lower total cost of ownership than a premise-based alternative no matter how long the solution is in use.

Silverman added, "Five9 has long known that Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is an important consideration when making a purchase decision, and the inherent benefits of a hosted solution already deliver lower operational and maintenance costs. We expect that with the launch of this new pricing model, we will greatly enhance the long-term TCO of SaaS and many companies that are currently considering premise-based products will reconsider their options and choose Five9 as the clear winner in overall value."

About The Five9 Virtual Call Center™

The on-demand Five9 Virtual Call Center™ enables companies of any size to build a comprehensive, feature-rich contact center - anywhere in the world - without any hardware, software, or upfront capital expenditures. In addition to the cost savings, Five9's on-demand service allows for easy set-up and administration of at-home agent workforces as well as single-site or distributed, multi-site centers to act as one, regardless of geographic location.

Built from the ground up by Five9 to eliminate third-party license fees and ensure costs are kept low, any business with just a PC and a broadband connection can afford a comprehensive suite of applications including: Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), Predictive Dialer, Auto Dialer, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Computer Telephony (CTI), Remote Agent Capabilities, Skills-based Routing, Voice Recording, Quality Monitoring, Real-time Reporting, Chat, and Centralized Management.

About Five9, Inc.

Five9 is the leading global provider of on-demand call center solutions for customer interaction management. The award-winning Five9 Virtual Call Center™ targets small- to midsized call centers, contact center operations of large enterprises, and companies that provide outsourced call center services. Companies on five continents profit from Five9's reliable, robust functionality that is fast, easy, and affordable to deploy for any call center. For more information, visit

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