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Call Centre Learning Centre

Five9 is pleased to offer the articles here in the learning center as a free resource with information about call centers, cloud computing, telephony and other business tools and services.


Call Centre Fundamentals

Call Centre Basics

The basics on call centers and virtual call centers.
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Cloud Computing 101

The basics of cloud computing. 
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How a Call Centre Can Help a Small Business

This article explains how a call center can help a small business
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Call Centre Management Guide

This article explains the basics of managing a call center and the tools and metrics used.
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Call Centre Performance

Provides an overview of standard call center performance metrics.
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Call Centre Telephone Dialing Modes

Reviews different telephone dialing modes used in an automated dialing for call centers.
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Call Recording Fundamentals

The fundamentals and history of call recording.
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Third-Party Telephone Verification

Provides an overview of third-party telephone verification services.
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Voice over Internet Protocol Resource Guide

A resource guide explaining how voice over internet protocol is deployed.
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A Consumer‘s Guide to the Do Not Call Registry

Information for consumers on the do not call registry, for unwanted telemarketing calls.
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An ESL Resource Guide for Students

Become proficient in english with these tips and tricks.
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Tips for Managing Customer Expectations

Improve customer experience with these tips.
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Understanding Morse Code Calls

A practical guide to morse code.
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Telecommunicating and Accessibility for the Deaf

Information about telecommunications and computer accessibility.
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Classroom Technology Resource Guide

Students move at their own pace with classroom technology.
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Understanding the Cloud

Learn about the benefits of the Cloud.
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Humor and Business Tips

Five Steps for a Successful Web Conference

Five steps to organize a successful web conference.
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The Rise and Fall of the Telephone Booth

A humorous look at the rise and fall of the telephone booth.
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