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Leverage the Knowledge of Your Entire Organisation

Unified Communication (UC) is the convergence of an organisation’s technology towards a single network for data and voice, bringing benefits like company-wide presence and real-time collaboration, regardless of device or location. UC plays an important role in modernising contact centres by delivering powerful collaboration features directly to the agent desktop. Agents can check availability and quickly connect with knowledge workers for assistance in responding to customer issues outside of the normal resolution flow.

Five9 integrates with Microsoft Skype for Business to connect its users throughout the organisation to agents, who can then collaborate easily with knowledge workers using common address directories, synchronised availability, call states and telephony integration.

Based on studies conducted by the Aberdeen Group (Source)

Real-Time Collaboration Icon

Real-Time Collaboration

Empower agents to respond to customer issues outside of the normal resolution flow. Better service the needs of the customer from within a single interaction.

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Click-to-Call Collaboration

Agents can quickly identify knowledge experts and collaborate to better service the needs of customers with special concerns.

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Unified Microsoft Environment

Five9's integration with Microsoft’s CRM platform as well as Microsoft Skype for Business increases agent responsiveness and removes latency in the process.

Five9’s innovation becomes our innovation. We get to improve the product we offer our clients without having to pay for R&D ourselves.
Matt Zemon
President & CEO, American Support
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Learn how you can lower costs and improve efficiency with staff scheduling in the Five9 Cloud. Get an overview of the workforce management features available from Five9.

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Integration Features


CTI Web Services API


Configuration Web Services API


Reporting Web Services API


Statistics Web Services API


Web Connectors


Built-In Customisability


Proactive Productivity Tools


Built-In CRM Integration with Salesforce


Built-In CRM Integration with Oracle Service Cloud


Built-In CRM Integration with NetSuite


Built-In CRM Integration with Zendesk


Built-In CRM Integration with Microsoft Dynamics

Boost Productivity with Five9

Stop wasting time on manual dialling and managing leads. Five9 Outbound Contact Centre automates lead and campaign management, so you can create an automated marketing and sales funnel that achieves your outbound goals.


Predictive dialling connects agents only to live prospects, maximising calling efficiency.


Use list priorities and ratios, so your agents can focus on their most qualified leads.


Automate agent callbacks using the Disposition Timer and redial feature.


Leverage workflow rules with time-of-day triggers to manage agents and campaigns.

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